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Do you know the difference between the zodiac sign, the ascendant and the moon star sign?

A person's zodiac sign provides information about a person's character and traits, while the ascendant indicates how a person is perceived by other people from the outside. The moon star sign, on the other hand, deals with the inner emotional world of a person and their individual emotions on the subconscious level.

These three astrological signs not only summarize the essential characteristics that make you human - they also reflect the unique composition of your personality and person. With our configurator, you can combine all of these aspects into a piece of jewelery that is individually tailored to you and reflects you holistically in all your special features. In addition, you can also design a necklace consisting of the zodiac signs of your loved ones and always carry them symbolically with you.

You can easily and conveniently put together your personal necklace in just a few steps. To do this, you first choose the material of your chain and the associated length as the basis for your piece of jewellery. In the next step, you can decorate it with your zodiac sign, followed by your moon sign and ascendant in the material of your choice. If you don't know your ascendant and moon star sign, you can easily find them out using the following link.

Apart from your personal component, what makes this unique piece so special?

Every piece of jewelery is made by hand for you as individually as the determination of the zodiac and moon signs and the ascendant is. You can choose between silver and real gold, while the latter is available in two different color variations.


Einzelne Abmessungen (BxH) pro Anhänger: ca. 10x15mm
Stärke: ca. 0,5mm

Materials & quality

We only use high-quality real gold - 585 real gold, 585 rose gold, 585 white gold or 925 silver. That's why our precious pieces of jewelry are waterproof, don't discolor and last forever - just as you would imagine real gold to be.

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Your zodiac sign, moon sign and ascendant as precious jewellery.

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